Nieuwe Sporting Code 3 (SC3 6 jan 2021)
Geplaatst door secretaris CSZ op 09-10-2019

Veranderingen 2020/21:
3.0b changed to remove the requirement for a World record to first be
recognized as a National record.
3.1.9 The Code has been updated to allow declared distance records to
be held jointly by more than one pilot equalling the same task. This agrees
with the General Section reference regarding simultaneous records.

Veranderingen 2019:
Voor diegene die in het buitenland een brevet of record vliegen:
OO = Official Observer = Sportcommissaris
CSZ = Commissie Sportzaken Zweefvliegen.
Controlling NAC = De CSZ (KNVvL) van dat land.
Organizing NAC = De CSZ (KNVvL)

Visiting OOs may be appointed (prior to the flight) by the controlling NAC to act on its behalf. The OO may forward the completed claim directly to the organizing NAC after the controlling NAC has reviewed the claim and confirms to the organizing NAC that the flight was flown legally.