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Nieuwe Sporting Code 3 (SC3-1 okt 2018)


Belangrijkste wijzigingen t.o.v. SC3-2017:

2.2.1 Silver Badge
a. SILVER DISTANCE A straight distance flight from a start at release to a finish fix located at least 50 km from release and at least 50 km from the fix recorded at the beginning of the take-off roll.

All badge claims recorded by FR or PR require a declaration per 1.1.3. For any distance claim other than Straight Distance from release, the declaration shall also include a list of way point coordinates. The declaration must be identical in every FR and/or PR used, with the exception stated in 2.3b.

b. If the data file for a Silver or Gold flight recorded by any FR or PR omits or has the incorrect pilot name and/or glider type and unique identification, the OO correction certificate in 4.4.2c shall be submitted with claim materials.

c. Diamond Goal, Diamond Distance and Diploma Distance require an FR-generated declaration and if multiple FRs are used, the declaration in each FR must be identical for a claim to be valid.


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